Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Power of the Pulse

Sometimes I just want to immerse myself and my entire family in hand sanitizer, especially during this nasty cold and flu season. Since a Purell bath is pretty much out of the question, here's the next best thing - nasal irrigation. Kinda like a Waterpik for the nose, this electronic device delivers a gentle, pulsating stream of saline solution directly into nasal passages to moisturize and flush out mucous, helping to shorten the duration of colds and infections. This easy to use unit can also be a great preventative step if you feel you've been exposed to some unwanted germs - just plug it in, mix the saline packet with warm water and you are good to go. Takes less than five minutes from start to finish and much easier and more effective than a traditional neti pot. Ok - I know, this all sounds a little weird and slightly gross, but this little piece of equipment has saved myself and my family from countless unwanted infections and shortened the duration of those we caught. I added this to my natural remedy arsenal a few years ago, based on an endorsement from a top Harvard Natural Medicine doctor. I even got my kids to particpate at a young age and now when they are stuffy, they actually ask for the irrigator! So, whether you suffer from chronic allergies, have a full blown cold or just realized that hot date you smooched last night now has the flu, you may want to look into the power of the pulse. All image credit

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