Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Boost Your Immune System With Tulsi Tea

'Tis the season - you're running around getting everything ready for the holidays, feeling stressed out, making sure you find the perfect gift for Aunt Sally, rushing to your kid's school for the Holiday sing-along, trying to do thirty more minutes on the treadmill so you can indulge at your company party tonight....the list goes on. Add to that long list to remember to grab a few extra boxes of tissues at the store as you feel like you're coming down with something.
It's a crazy time of year, but if you can find ten minutes to take a break and slow down with a nice hot cup of tea you may find that your to-do list doesn't seem that long and that cold might be going away after all. Relax with some Tulsi tea, also known as Holy Basil tea, that has been referred to as the "elixir of life" because of its amazing health benefits. Studies show that Tulsi tea improves your body's ability to fight viruses, helps your body cope with stress, aids in lowering cholesterol and helps to maintain normal bood sugar levels.
Check out Organic India's line of Tulsi tea that comes in eighteen different all natural flavors - I am partial to the Red Mango variety, myself. You can find this tea at most grocery stores, health food stores and at So, take a few minutes for yourself, in the midst of the madness and sit down with some Tulsi tea - your body will thank you! Image credit to

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