Monday, December 12, 2011

Coconut Oil for Acne

Although coconut oil has received somewhat of a bad rap for many decades due to its high saturated fat content, it is actually one of the good guys when it comes to healthy fats. According to the folks at Nutiva, who have been nourishing people with their organic, extra virgin coconut oil for years, state on their website that, "since the 1960's coconut oil has been unfairly labeled as "unhealthy". The media reported studies of how tropical coconut oils were laden with artery-clogging saturated fats. What was left out of these reports was the fact that the coconut oil used in the studies was not the virgin oil used for centuries, but rather hydrogenated coconut oil. We have since learned it's the hydrogenation -- artificially adding a hydrogen molecule to oil in order to make it shelf-stable -- that's the problem, not the coconut oil itself. Hydrogenated soy, corn, and canola oils -- loaded with dangerous trans-fats and processed with toxic hexane solvents -- are routinely added to packaged foods. Hydrogenation fattened corporate profits and American waistlines, and is now linked with trans-fats and associated heart disease." Coconut oil has numerous benefits - both externally and internally and because it has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties it is super nourishing for the skin. It serves as a chemical free, natural body and face moisturizer and is ideal for clearing up acne, even with oily skinned teens. Since I have two teenagers at home who suffer from typical flare-ups, I decided to do my own in-home study. They were of course skeptical at first, but decided to give this natural remedy a try. I made them each their own little container of the oil and gave them the following instructions: Wash face with warm water and cleanser but do not dry. Use a pea-size amount of the oil and rub between palms to melt and then rub all over face and neck (we live in Boston and it's cold out so the oil is a solid - in warmer months it turns to liquid). Rub any remaining oil on tops of hands. Note that this should only be done at night since the oil does leave a sheen that would not be desirable for those who need to apply makeup or need to go out in public since it looks and is greasy. It does soak in, but may take a little bit of time. Both my girls have been following this evening protocol for a few weeks now with good success and have even mentioned it to their friends. My older daughter came home from school the other day and said, "hey mom, can you make up a container of coconut oil for my friend please", as if I actually was mixing this stuff up in my basement or something. Would love to hear your thoughts on this if you have tried this yourself. I am actually engaging in this home study as well, just to keep those wrinkles at bay - I have teenagers, you know!

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