Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Simple Life & A Great Summer Cocktail

I am packing up for a month at my Cape house and I am so looking forward to the "simple life" that we have cultivated down there. By choice, we do not receive mail, have just basic channels on our TV, only family and close friends know our house phone number and much to my children's chagrin, we do not have internet access! I do plan on staying connected via my new cell phone and wireless internet access at the local library - just don't tell my kids ;) I'm looking forward to lazy beach days, having my morning Teeccino on the deck, getting lost in a good beach read, being fully present in the moment with my family and enjoying my favorite summer drink! Now, I'm not a big drinker, usually just sticking to a good red wine on occasion since I have given up my once favorite cocktail - a margarita, due to it's high sugar content, but have found a new fave. Here's my recipe for a sugar-free mojito - the perfect blend of lime and mint. So refreshing on a hot, summer night! Sugar Free Mojito In a Tall Glass Combine: 1 shot of white rum 1 1/2 packets SweetLeaf Stevia 12 or more fresh mint leaves Juice of 1/2 a lime 7 ounces lime seltzer - add at the end Mix the rum, stevia and lime juice together and add the mint leaves. Using a long spoon, crush the mint leaves into the bottom of the glass. Then fill the rest of the glass with the lime seltzer, stir and enjoy! Don't forget to drink responsibly and have some smart snacks on hand, such as some nuts or guacamole and raw veggies as the alcohol may trigger a chip & dip fest. So, cultivate your own simple life wherever you may be - unplug, unwind and enjoy each moment!

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Simply Life said...

Oh that mojito sounds like the perfect way to relax!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! My camera is a Sony Cyber-shot

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