Monday, August 31, 2009

When Mommy's Happy, Everyone is Happy!

Well, I'm back from my blissful month long vacation! I enjoyed wonderful times with family and friends that were truly memorable - unbelievable boating, gorgeous beach days and lots of laughs - pretty much my favorite activities I try to get in while enjoying a little R&R. I did try something new on my vacation this year that really helped me do three things even better - be a better wife, be a better mom and be a better me. I carved out a little "me" time early in the morning while everyone was still sleeping and went for a walk/run around the pond that is near my house. No ipod, just my water bottle and the sounds of nature to get me going and wake me up. I noticed houses I had never noticed before, I admired gorgeous hydrangea bushes and beautifully crafted stone walkways. I smelled the fresh sea air and felt the warm sun on my skin. Did my thighs get smaller? Not sure. Did I lose weight? I don't know. Did I awaken my mind and my body to something new and feel energized to start another fabulous day? You bet! My goal was not to engage in a hardcore workout, but to cultivate a little time to myself that automatically put me in a good mood so that I was able to face the day with a smile. Whatever came my way, I felt like I could handle it. Taking care of myself first made it much easier to take care of my family's needs, whatever they happened to be that day. That's why the flight attendant always says - please put your oxygen mask on first and then assist your child. Try it - carve out some time just for yourself and see what happens. Whether it's taking some time in the morning to read a good book, trying a new yoga class, going to get a manicure - whatever it is, do it without feeling selfish or guilty. Do it because it helps you be a better person, employee, daughter, mother...fill in the blank. Just remember, when mommy is happy everyone is happy!

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