Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Add Some Hemp to Your Day in a Legal Way

I discovered a new food item that I'm in love with that totally enhances my meals, taking them to the next level. While away on vacation, visiting a local health food store, I stumbled upon an item that I had read great things about - raw hemp seeds. Ok, they are totally legal, super nutritious and can be used in so many different dishes. A cross between sesame seeds and pine nuts, these little grain-like wonders are packed with essential omega fats (these are the good fats), protein, fiber and tons of vitamins and minerals.
I first tried these beauties sprinkled on my salad - totally amping it up to gourmet status. I then tried the seeds as a bed for my homemade turkey meat sauce, instead of using pasta, which gave the dish amazing flavor and texture. Their fat and protein content helped to keep me satiated and held cravings at bay.
I have been thinking of ways to incorporate these delectable seeds into more recipes - perhaps using them in place of rice for stuffed peppers, substituting them for bulgur in a tabouli salad, the possibilities are endless. Give these hemp seeds a go, whether you're looking to replace grains & pasta due to food intolerances, want to add more omega fats to your diet to recapture radiance and lift depression or are just looking to boost your overall health. Check out to find a store near you so you can be on your way to adding a little hemp to your day!


Blasé said...

I'll have to tell the wife about the "hemp" thingy!

Dee said...

Hi Blase - Would love to hear how you like it if you end up trying out the hemp!

Simply Life said...

Looks great! Something new to try -thanks!

Dee said...

Thanks Simply Life - I am in love with this hemp - I used it again today and created a salad with leftover taco fixings and sprinkled the hemp seeds on top. It gave the dish unbelievable flavor and texture.

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