Monday, September 7, 2009

Reach Cooking Nirvana in Your Own Kitchen

As we come upon the eight year anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, I recall feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness on that day and for many months after, much like the rest of the world was feeling. I just wanted to be at home, knowing that I was with my family and that we were all safe. I realized that I couldn’t hole up in the house forever, but I did discover something that brought me great comfort and a sense of calm - being in the kitchen cooking a warm, nourishing meal for my family.
More than ever, I felt the need to bring my family together and one of the ways was to all be at the dinner table catching up on each others’ day. So, I spent my days looking at recipes and discovered that I loved to create comfort foods – meals that bring you in from the cold and warm your whole body (maybe that’s part of the reason why I live in New England!) - foods like a hearty turkey chili, meatball soup topped with fresh grated parmesan, crispy herb roasted chicken, melt in your mouth Italian pot roast and out of this world eggplant rollatini. These are meals that are easy to prepare and can sit all afternoon in the oven, crock pot or stove, permeating the house with their rich aroma.
When the family arrives safe and warm at home that's when the togetherness begins. Gathered around the dinner table, sharing, laughing and just connecting – that’s what it’s all about. So, whether you need to distress from the day or just channel your inner Julia Child, cultivate your calm in the kitchen by cooking nourishing, wholesome and satisfying meals for your family.
Start by looking for recipes (check my website for a few to get you started), gather your ingredients and take your time - make sure your little ones are out of the house or occupied, so you can focus. Put on some favorite music and let the fabulous scents that you create in the kitchen help to soothe your soul. Pretty soon you will have reached cooking nirvana and all your worries will have miraculously melted away. Give it a try - would love to hear how it works out!


Shaista Tabrez said...

i too felt the same way..i m quite impressed after reading ur "about me" section..

Pam said...

Congrats. on the Foodie Blogroll!

Dee said...

Thanks for the kind words Shaista and Pam! Love the photos on both of your blogs - what camera do you use to get such good food shots?

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