Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yoga - The Missing Piece to My Puzzle

For me, yoga was the missing piece to my wellness puzzle that I had been searching and searching for. Sure, I ate healthy foods, cycled, lifted weights, walked the dog, got plenty of sleep, stopped drinking coffee (see my Sept 30, 2009 post), yet something was missing.
I discovered yoga more than a year ago and I have to say that it has transformed me. I have developed a better connection to myself, which has improved my relationship with others and has helped me become a better daughter, sister, wife, friend and mother - and everyone knows that when Mommy is happy, everyone is happy!
Yoga has made me become more mindful and fully present to enjoy life and all of its gifts. It has helped reduce stress, mood swings, PMS and has boosted the strength and tone of my body and continues to awaken my soul like nothing else I have ever experienced. I practice Vinyasa Flow yoga, which is a 90 minute intensive style, in a 90-100 degree heated studio. The heat helps the muscles to relax and allows the body to release harmful toxins.
Yoga is becoming very popular and studios are popping up everywhere. Investigate your area to see what styles of yoga are offered and ask to try a free class before you commit to anything - most studios will let you do this without obligation.
If you are in the suburban Boston are, look into Metrowest Yoga in Westboro, Massachusetts - this is the studio that I go to on a regular basis. They offer a variety of yoga classes and have outstanding instructors and a beautiful studio.
So, challenge yourself and try a yoga class - would love to hear what you experience!

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