Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Fat Does Not Make You Fat

Contrary to popular belief, it's not fat that makes us fat, it's actually sugar. We have been bombarded by fat free products for years - fat free ice cream, fat free cookies and more, making us all think it was okay to eat these foods because they didn't contain any fat, which we all thought was the culprit in our ever expanding waistlines. According to bestselling author, Jorge Cruise, as he writes in his new book, "The Belly Fat Cure", he has discovered, after more than 10 years of research that, "there is only one critical key to getting rid of fat forever, and that is to lower insulin, the scientifically proven hormone that pushes fat into cells. You can't get fat or stay overweight without insulin. This is a biological fact that was proven in multiple research studies over the past 60 years that have appeared in such respected publications as The British Journal of Nutrition and The Journal of the American Medical Association. Unfortunately, this critical idea that insulin is essential for storing fat - and lowering your insulin is essential for releasing fat - has been buried under the conventional medical community's message that it's all about calories in, calories out; that all you have to do is exercise more and eat less to lose weight. It's a broken theory". So, according to Cruise, in order to lose weight, it is essential to lower our consumption of sugar and processed carbohydrates (white flour products) to insure that our blood sugar levels remain balanced and insulin levels stay in check.
Cruise's discovery has been backed by some very well known and respected top docs - namely Andrew Weil and David Katz, both at the head of the list in the Integrative Medicine field. Katz, who wrote the foreward of Jorge's book, states that, "excess sugar in our diets is among the most important factors conspiring against our waistlines and our health. Too much sugar means increased risk of weight gain, obesity, hormonal imbalance, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer".
So, does this give us license to eat all fats with abandon and gorge on artifically sweetened foods and drinks? No, we need to be smart about what we are putting in our mouths. The best fats to consume are heart healthy omega 3 fats such as avocados, almonds, walnuts, olive oil and salmon to keep us satiated, help recapture radiance and aid us in keeping blood sugar at balanced levels, so that insulin stays in check. That means sticking with quality proteins such as eggs, lean meats and fish, unprocessed carbohydrates which include plenty of fruits and vegetables and avoiding artificially sweetened foods that could cause cancer and tumors and actually increase sugar craving and hinder weight loss.
This low sugar/low processed carbohydrate plan is one of the best, most delicious, very satisfying and healthful ways to eat to avoid disease and naturally manage your weight. You will soon discover that after adopting this lifestyle that sugar cravings will disappear, energy will soar, hormone fluctuations will cease, mood will be lifted and you will be living your best, most dynamic life imaginable. It has certainly worked for me - for the past 25 years of my life and I highly recommend it to you - you won't be disappointed!

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