Sunday, February 14, 2010

Loving My Sketchers Shape Ups

Last week I went to the mall and picked up an early Valentine's Day gift for myself - a pair of Sketcher's Shape Ups. I had been eyeing these and the similarly designed MBT sneakers that promise firmer thighs and a shapelier backside just from wearing them while you walk. Although I do engage in a regular fitness routine that consists of power yoga, cycling and resistance training, I thought that these might be a welcome addition, just to make sure I don't succumb to the dreaded, "blogger butt", as my friend and fellow blogger, Dawn Sandomeno at lovingly refers to the affliction.
I had been comparing the Sketchers Shape Ups and the MBT sneakers, both of which are designed with a rolling sole, giving wearers the feeling of walking on sand. This revolutionary technology helps to strengthen muscles, improve posture, promote weight loss and reduce stress on knee and ankle joints. I decided to go with the Sketchers rather than the much higher priced MBT's after finding similar online reviews for both brands. I immediately felt comfortable in the lightweight shoe, which really cushioned both my bunions and flat feet and the rolling heel made me feel as if I was walking uphill even when on flat ground. I have been wearing my Sketchers Shape Ups daily for over a week now and feel a tightening in my thighs and backside, as I am probably working some different muscles, which is always a good thing. I will continue to wear these cute and functional sneakers and give you all a full report in a few months to see what changes, if any, I notice. Would love to hear any feedback from readers who have had experience with this funky fitness footwear.


DawnSandomeno said...

Way to go Deidre, "No Blogger Butt"!

Jane said...

I'd like to try those. Thanks for all of your great information!

Come on over to my blog when you have a minute. I have a Sunshine award for you!

Dee Merritt (Nutritional Merritt) said...

Dawn - these shoes will definitely get rid of blogger butt. I wore them on Saturday and went for an hour long walk - I am still sore three days later. Jane - let me know what you think if you end up trying the Shape Ups! Thanks for the Sunshine Award!

Judy said...

Trying the sneakers - so far, so good, will let you know more! Thanks for the tip.

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