Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jump Start Your Morning

Since school has been in full swing now for a few weeks, I have heard from many frustrated parents saying that it has been a bit of a challenge getting their kids to eat anything resembling breakfast, let alone trying to get something nourishing, satisfying and somewhat healthy into their bellies. Teens especially, tell their 'rents that they are just not in the mood for food, as they bolt out the door to catch the 6:45am bus, checking their look one last time before they depart. You want to do the right thing, though and feed them well so they are better able to focus, concentrate, perform well in school and have enough energy to get through the day. You know that breakfast is an essential start to the morning, whether you are a kid heading off to school or an adult headed to spin class or a staff meeting, but how can you whip up something quick nourishing and satisfying and get out the door in record time? I have a few suggestions to ensure that you and your brood are getting a good balance of quality protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates without having to sit down for a three course meal.
  1. Eggs - The perfect brainfood to get your morning started on the right track. Make a few harboiled the night before and just peel and eat in the a.m. Pair with a slice of whole grain toast or fresh fruit and you are good to go! Eggs are super versatile - fried, scrambled with some fresh spinach or even incorporated into a crustless quiche (click for recipe).
  2. Protein Shake - My fave is a scoop of chocolate protein powder blended with half a banana, one cup of skim milk and a tablespoon or two of almond butter. Currently, I'm loving Jay Robb's protein powder because it is smartly sweetened and mixes without clumping or tasting chalky. This shake takes just seconds to make and will certainly get you out the door in record time, not to mention keep you satiated for hours.
  3. Steel Cut Oats - Top with sliced almonds for some heart healthy fat and blueberries to get some great antioxidants and you've got yourself a meal that will keep you going without spiking your blood sugar, thanks to low glycemic, slow releasing carbohydrates. Prepping in the crock pot the night before makes for a quick and effortless morning meal.

Not only are these ideas economical and way healthier than hitting the fast food drivethru - they will keep your energy up, your blood sugar stable and stave off hunger and headaches because they are all an optimal balance of quality protein, complex carbs and healthy fat. Give 'em a try and see how they can help jump start your morning!


Tonya said...

Hi Dee,

My mom recently took your class and clued me into your blog. Thanks for posting about the importance of breakfast. I have a tween and a teen and I'm finding it harder to get them to eat in the morning. I like the protein shake idea. Thanks for sharing!

Dee Merritt, N.C. (Nutritional Merritt) said...

Hey Tonya,
Thanks so much for your comments!Yeah, breakfast is tough with kids - I have 2 teens so the protein shakes work out well for us & they are so versatile, you can create you own unique combos using various ingredients - different fruits, yogurt, etc.

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